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Playing pokies or slots online removes the inconvenience of having to go out of your way to visit a pub or a casino; you can enjoy the same game at the comfort of your homes.

Apart from the obvious convenience, there are a lot of advantages to playing pokies online.

- The payout can go as much as 95% or even 100%, sometimes. The normal pokie machine has a regular payout of about 87%. So playing online you have higher chances than at the pub, because of the higher payout percentage.

- Playing online pokies you have more options. You can play the classic 3 reel games, the advanced video pokies, you can play the live jackpots, etc. There are much more options that if you are stuck at the few machines that you may find at the pub.

- Another very enticing feature of playing pokies online is that some websites offer sign up bonuses that can either be in form of percentage bonuses or no deposit, meaning, free cash. This feature is good especially if you are just starting out and feeling your way into the game. You can start with a very small bankroll that can easily double up because of the sign up bonuses and then enjoy the game, as you try to figure how it is really played.

- Since online pokies are games played by many people from all over the world, the jackpot price can be very big sometimes, even higher than those given by major casinos.

Online pokies are quite popular in online casinos and pubs alike. There is no solid evidence as to where the term Pokies originated, but many believe that it comes from poker machines. This is obviously incorrect because they are two different games. Check out this great article on the use and future of online pokies in australia.

There is no solid evidence as to where the term “Pokies” originated, but many believe that it is merely a slang term derived from poker machines. Pokies machines are quite popular not just in casinos or other gaming arenas; most pubs have poker machines too. And now, you can also play the same game online.

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