Play Pokie Games for Free and Stay Safe

When you are checking out a game, probably the best thing to do is to start playing for free online with no downloads. In Australia there are many online casinos that will let you do this, and even more, they will reward you with a sign up bonus (no registration or deposit required!).

The cool thing about playing free is that you just get to have fun and experience the game without stressing out about money that you win or lose. Be careful though sometimes you click on ads that show up on Facebook where they are advertising free spins, but it turns out that they only want to get your credit card details and suck you into some real money game. So stick to our recommendations and you’ll be safe.

Pokie Games Download

You don’t need to download any pokies to your device, but if you want the full blown experience with fast graphics and all (especially with video pokies), this is something that we recommend.

Pokie Games for Android, Blackberry and for Iphone, PC or Mac

We touched on this before, but there is no need to worry about any device that you may want to use and you are not sure whether it’s going to work. We can tell you right now that whether it’s an iphone, ipad, android, nokia e63, any Samsung galaxy device, a mac or a PC (Windows 7 or 8), these pokie games are still going to work fine. These are serious companies running these games and they spend millions of dollars in design and usability tests to make sure that everything works the best way in every browser in every device. You may also want to check out specific apps for Android.

Top Popular Pokie Games

If you are just getting started and are not sure which game you should start playing, you can start with some of the best and most popular ones: Grand Reef, Konami, Shogun, Where's the gold and 5 Dragons. Just to name a few!

Play Pokie Games for Free and Stay Safe

There are 3 main types of slot machines that you can choose from: classic 3 reel pokies, progressive jackpots and advanced video pokies.


Progressive Jackpots

This is just like any normal pokie machine game, but instead, the players get the chance to win more money. This is how it works. Casino owners have found a way to link multiple machines so their jackpot accumulates as one. Now, a player who plays in any of these machines gets the chance to win this, but if the player loses, then the pot increases. This continues to increase until someone spins the winning combination and wins!

This game is now available online. You can simply go into any search engine of your choice and find a link to any online casino and make sure to play on a game with a progressive jackpot. There is no change in the rules. The game goes on the same way, so you do not need to learn any trick, because there are not any. And since online gaming is even bigger than in actual casinos, the pot money is larger and you get a bigger chance of getting rich.

It is definitely the most convenient and exciting way to play pokie machines. You do not need to get dressed and step out of your home. All you need is an internet connection and you can start playing right away.

Classic 3 reel pokies

Many online pokie players want the classic experience. A few weeks ago we received an email from one of our readers: "Forget about advanced graphics and animations, forget about Lara Croft, Thunderstruck and all that kind of stuff, just show me the classic three spinning thingies, makes it exciting and I can relate to it easily because it looks like the kind of slot that I've been playing for years! I love it when it goes spinning like crazy and I can see one fruit... then another fruit, then another fruit, Jackpot! Beats the f... out of the most advanced video machines."

Well, we can't say this represents the view of all pokie players. We know that thousands of people play passionately last generation games such as Tomb Raider.

Anyways, in case you are really young and you don't know what a classic 3 reel pokie game is, here it is in a nutshell: the games are based on 3 reels (doh!), and pay based on combinations of symbols for each spin. They are extremely easy to use and intuitive and generally have an arcade feel to them. They are perfect for newbie players (and for nostalgic players as well!)

Advance Video Pokies

Who is the audience for video pokies? Obviously there is a new generation of players that grew used to playing console games and watching sophisticated animated movies. A 3 reel classic game with arcade look and feel is not going to cut it for these guys!

So it's a great thing that the top online casinos (certainly those that we endorse) worked hard to provide higher quality graphics and animation gaming experiences to engage with younger audiences.

Tomb Raider has become the most iconic representative of these types of advanced video pokies. However, it is not the only one available.

Let's review the most popular video pokies, and describe them briefly:

Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword

People loved the movie, people loved the character Lara Croft, and people obviously loved the actress playing the main character, Angelina Jolie. The game comes with super mode, free spins, rolling reels, bonuses, shootout bonuses and all sorts of exciting features. It is fair to say this game marks the benchmark when it comes to advanced video pokies online.


Another one that came straight from the comic books! People just love Hellboy for its incredible entertaining and visually exciting nature. It is full of action and adventure. Who doesn't want to be a super-hero that comes off one of the most popular comic books? Take a ride into the underworld, in the quest of the most vicious villain. Super bonuses, free spins and whatever you can think of, this is an amazing game!


Microgaming keeps on surprising us! Do you love coffee? If you do, will have you hooked and entertained for hours. Who would know that brewing the perfecto Capuccino and playing the most wonderful video pokie online had anything to do with each other? 30 playlines, great chance to win.

Wheel of Wealth

Talk about pushing boundaries! A multi-player pokie game is available now! The gamescreen allows you to walk in some pokie rooms where other players are playing and you are able to see (just like in the real world casinos) how the other players are doing. Don't you think this is an entirely new "social" way of playing pokies? Most people love this game due to the social and entertaining nature.